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Imagine being able to pull into any marina and with the click of a button find other people who share your interests. We’ve been there and its hard when you’re constantly moving and working, Happy Crew makes it easy to find people to play football, surf, visit museums with. Whatever your interests, now you can find people who share them.

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Simple Set Up

You can set up a profile in less than 5 minutes and get started connecting with crew.

Be Social

Happy Crew is designed to get you off the yacht and doing activities. Find like-minded crew and get into the world having fun.

Awesome Features

Community Focused
Built by Yachties for Yachties, our team are all current and former yacht crew which means we understand the highs and the lows. Unlike other apps and businesses we are focused on creating a great community first.
Social Platform
Upload your favourite photos, communicate with other yacht crew and locals, comment on photos and videos. Happy Crew has all of the features you’d expect from a world class social platform.
Location Based
No longer are you using Facebook to find like-minded crew. Happy Crew is location specific allowing you to find people in your vicinity who share your interests.
Industry Specific
Other social media platforms are noisy, there’s lots going on and it’s difficult to find what you need. With Happy Crew we cut out the noise and give you a platform built for our industry.

Client Reviews

22 Agosto 2019

Mental Health In Our Industry

Mental Health In Our Industry

Recent research indicates that all maritime sectors are more likely to experience mental health problems than persons ashore. 

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10 Agosto 2019

Top 10 Activities in Antibes

Antibes or Antipolis, the Mediterranean resort in south eastern France, founded by Phocaeans in the 4th century as a trading post for the Greeks and Romans. 

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10 Agosto 2019

Top 10 Things For Crew to Do In Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant destinations.

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Our Team

Giovanni Napoli
Giovanni Napoli

Co-Founder & BDM

Francesco Salmeri
Francesco Salmeri

Co-Founder & Co-Director

Tommaso Napoli
Tommaso Napoli

SEO & Web Specialist


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